Yosuke Shinoda, Representative Director

Born in Tokyo in 1968. Left university in 1989 and participated in starting a business as a salesperson.
Ran his company and grew as an entrepreneur.
Thinking that the software engineers will greatly change the world in the near future, founded Headwaters Co., Ltd. in 2005.
Based on his own managerial theories, established management systems, such as teams with empathic vision, the Amoeba management system and a divisionalized structure.
Was quick to develop business overseas and built up solid connections with a global network. Acquired ownership of local companies and group businesses in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries.
Authored books in Japanese including "Surviving SE" and "Theory on leadership."


Masato Hikita, Director and Corporate Planning Division Manager

Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1978. After completing programs at San Francisco State University, joined a major system integrator company as a security and financial system technician.
Joined Headwaters Co., Ltd. in 2006, and became a Director six months later.
Became the Representative Director of Tochu Headwaters, a Japanese-Chinese joint venture, in 2008 and conducted business in the Chinese market.
Held the additional post of general manager of the 1st Strategy Division in 2010.
Currently in charge of a wide range of services including country-level large-scale project management, planning business strategies as well as promotion strategies in Japan and overseas, establishing corporate alliances, building up organizational systems and consulting.


Naoki Ishizawa, Director and International Business Promotion Division Manager

Born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1975. Participated in a venture system integrator company as a technician and then joined Headwaters Co., Ltd. in 2006.
Became Manager of the 4th Solution Development Division in 2007.
Became an Executive Officer in 2009. Held an additional post of General Manager of the 2nd Strategy Division.
Held an additional post of Manager of the Southeast Asia Business Promotion Division in 2012, and played a vital role as a bridge between Japan and Vietnam and Cambodia.
Assumed the post of Director in 2015.
Multi-skilled business engineer handling everything from project management, sales and overseas bridging to even coding sometimes.


Shinya Kondo, Executive Officer and Service Produce Division Manager

Born in 1979. After graduating university, joined a software development company as a technician. Engaged in general operations associated with the in-company system.
Joined Headwaters Co., Ltd. in 2006.
Became the Manager of the Service Produce Division in 2007. Was the youngest Divisional Manager at Headwaters. Developed new business models and made them successful.
Being quick to start developing applications designed for smartphones, he created business relationships with leading companies, ran joint business operations, built alliance partnerships and grew new businesses into revenue bases.
After getting the system integration business off the ground, he launched new businesses such as consulting and robot systems.
Became an Executive Officer and the General Manager of the Service Produce Division in 2015. He mainly promotes new businesses.


Shinto Matsuzaki, Executive Officer and System Integration Division Manager

Born in 1976. After graduating university, became a freelance infrastructure engineer. Served as a project manager of a leading system integrator in designing and building IT infrastructure.
Joined Headwaters Co., Ltd. in 2008. Six months after entering Headwaters, became Manager of the Infrastructure Solution Division.
By two years after assuming the post, he had made the Division the biggest part of the company, and launched an operation and maintenance business, information system consulting department and cloud-based service.
Held an additional post as the Manager of the Information System Department in 2014. Improved the development environment and Service Level Agreement (SLA) within the company.
In addition to the existing posts as Executive Officer and System Integration Division Manager, held an additional post as the Purchasing Department Manager.


Kazutaka Harashima, Executive Officer and Administrative Management Department Manager

Born in 1974. After graduating from the School of Law of Waseda University, entered a leading system integrator as an accountant.
Joined Headwaters Co., Ltd. in 2007. Quickly became the Manager of the General Affairs and Accounting Department, and organized/systematized the Administrative Department of the head office.
Promoted an independent accounting system based on Amoeba management. Playing the central role in back office fields such as accounting, general affairs, law and finance, he organized the management system through complete control.
Formed and implemented a medium-term plan to improve and enhance the company's financial system. He is very familiar with laws and taxes overseas.

Became an Executive Officer and the Administrative Management Department Manager in January 2015. He is widening his appeal as a key man who can help the company go public on the stock exchange.


Takehiro Kainuma, Auditor

Born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1970. After graduating university, he entered the company launched by Shinoda in sales, and has been working with him ever since.
Participated in the launch of Headwaters Co., Ltd. as a director in 2005.
Assumed the Manager posts of the personnel and sales departments in 2006.
Held an additional post as the Administrative Management Department Manager.
Established original recruiting techniques and training programs in line with management based on the organization having an empathic vision. He leads in solidifying the management infrastructure.
Took up the post as Auditor in 2015.

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