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2016.07.20 Pepper app perform the product of FAQ of the store 「Speech recognition products concierge」will be on sale starting.


New standard of robot service for customers. Pepper app perform the product of FAQ of the store will be on sale starting.
~Pepper robot application which is specializing in the product of the store you've never experienced before~

Headwaters(Head office: Shinjyuku in Tokyo, CEO Yosuke Shinoda)that is leading company of robot application development and has introducing track record. we will Release an「Speech recognition products concierge」which is Softbank robotics of humanoid robot for "Pepper". It use "SynApps" which is robot application platform which can recording human faces and changes service to each customer effectively.

■Back ground
Regarding decreasing Japanese Population, in the service industry are suffering from a shortage of workers and productivity. we paid attention to「product FAQ」,it decided to sell the robot app that was specialized in the scene. Robo app answer variety of questions which use of the enormous amount of product data. We are going to develop more effective communication robot using effective utilization scene more and more.

1. If you talk about the product, possible to FAQ answer tied up with thia prouct.
2. The listening pattern multiple settings,it can respond quickly to user fluctuation asked.
3. You can change the product information in your PC with CMS function.
4. Possible to various pattern depend on answered information of sale, recomodation, guide of product, effect of product, efficacy appeal.
5. It can be collectively registered for CSV import.
6. Collective management for Multiple robots and stores.

■Service Overview
「Speech recognition products concierge」is FAQ type app which is Specializing in the product of the store. If you talk about product, app will tell you about information of product. It is possible to enter the FAQ about the product with contents management function1. Robot will be FAQ dedicated clerk.
By utilizing the robot app platform "SynApps", also to achieve low cost in high-function. From the expansion of the height, recommendation function that was based on customer attributes in machine learning. Hospitality in combination with the face recognition engine is becoming possible to depend on the custmer .
From July 21 to through July 22 we are going to exhibit our robot application at The Prince Park Tower Tokyo. At the same time,「softbank world 2016」wii be held for Corporate events of the softbank Group.
▼Survice site:

■Future development
We continue to develop the robot applications using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Project Oxford of machine learning engine which can analyze, learning, predict user behavior.We are going to develop more effective robot applications more and more.

■Company information of headwaters
Company name: Headwaters Co., Ltd.
Representative:Yosuke Shinoda
Head Office:2-16-6 Shinjuku East Square Bldg 7F, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0022
Establishment:November 2005
Businesses:System integration,Creating Pepper applications

■Inquiry for this case
company name:Headwaters Co., Ltd
Person in charge:Human and Robot Department Shiozawa,Yorimitu


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