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2016.10.13 Cloud robotics service "SynApps" starts cooperation with business chat tool "chat work"


Robot application development achievement Top-class headwaters

Cloud robotics service "SynApps" starts cooperation with business chat tool "chat work"

~The reception robot calls the person in charge on the chat work~

Headwaters (Head office: Shinjyuku in Tokyo, CEO Yosuke Shinoda) that is leading company of robot application development and has introducing track record released 「synApps」start cooperation with business chat tool "chat work" which has launched by ChatWork Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Toshiyuki Yamamoto)

Today , the introduction of communication robots by companies and shops is advancing, but at the present time there are few cases where we are working on "business utilization" well.
In addition to the role of "attracting customers", we are challenging the spread of robots that can carry out practical "tasks" calling people in charge at company reception and guiding products and sales floors at stores.

In addition to traditional artificial intelligence and machine learning functions, the cloud robotics service "SynApps" cooperates with "Chatwork", a business chat tool that has been introduced to over 113,000 companies in 205 countries and regions around the world By doing this, we aim to make the communication robot 'smarter' and increase practicality and convenience.
In the case of operating a smart robot, it becomes possible to notify receipt and calling by the robot, as well as notification of robot failure or error on "chat work".

We continuously create the future which naturally communicate with people and robots. And we keep promoting development of robot application business.

◆About 「SynApps」

「SynApps」is cloud robotics service which makes more smarter robot.It has feature that Manage robots deploying multiple stores at once and expand the function by making it "cooperate" with the existing web service. As an AI-mounted communication robot application in cooperation with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service, we contribute to further progress of robots.

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ChatWork Co., Ltd. is developing business chat tool "chat work" as its main business.
About 113,000 companies, including private enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, etc.
It was introduced in 205 countries and regions around the world (as of the end of September 2016), contributing to improvement of productivity of each organization and activation of communication.

(Tokyo)Matsugatani, Taito-ku, Tokyo 4-24-11-301
(Osaka)2-21-8 Uchimoto-cho Osaka prefecture Suita-shi
(Silicon Valley)440 North Wolfe Road Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(Taipei)10489 Taipei City Nakayama Region Nanjing Higashiro 2nd Stage 150 No. 10 Tower

CEO:Toshiyuki Yamamoto
Established:November 11, 2004
Business contents:Provide business chat tool "chat work"
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Corporate site:
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◆Information of Headwaters

Adress:2 - 16 - 6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku East Square Building 7
Establishment:November 2005
Representative:Yosuke Shinoda
Businesses:System integration,Creating Pepper applications

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company name:Headwaters Co., Ltd
Person in charge:Ishii、Shinoda、Fujiwara
TEL :03-5572-7334
FAX :03-5572-6065

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company name:Headwaters Co., Ltd
Person in charge:Shiozawa、YOrimitu
TEL :03-5363-9361


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