Privacy Policy Personal Information Protection Policy

Regarding Handling of Personal Information in The Company

1. Regarding Purposes of Using Personal Information

The company will use personal information within the limits required to achieve the following work and purposes.

Purposes of Using Personal Information
Personal Information Purpose of Use Disclosed?
Personal information used
for contract work
For execution of contract work No
Personal information of job applicants
and employees
For deciding whether to employ applicants, and management of employees Yes
Personal information concomitant
with other inquiries
For inquiries regarding the products and duties of the company and responses to consultations Yes
Personal information
of members in game SNS
- For members to use the same service
- For use when notifying members from the company's operations executive office for the service.

2. Regarding the Procedure for Disclosure, Correction, etc.

The company accepts requests for suspension of use etc. and suspension of presentation to third parties, such as disclosure of personal information in the company's possession from the person to whom said personal information pertains, notification of purposes of use, corrections when the content of personal information in the company's possession is contrary to facts, etc. (hereunder referred to as "disclosure etc.").
Regarding specific procedures for requesting disclosure etc., please inquire at the inquiries desk noted below.
Among said requests, please note that a fixed handling fee will be incurred for requests for disclosure and notification of purposes of use.

3. Regarding Inquiries and Complaints Relating to Handling of Personal Information

Please contact the inquiries desk noted below for inquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information by the company.

For Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

Headwaters Co., Ltd. Complaints/Inquiries Desk
Phone: 03-5363-9361 (Reception hours: weekdays 9AM to 5PM)