Pepper Remote Control Pepatto

Pepper remote control "Pepatto" is an application for talking with Pepper conveniently from a smartphone.
Tags used to adjust Pepper's voice can be input easily and people can talk with Pepper immediately.
You can use this when you want Pepper to say something in a hurry while Pepper is working, when you want to make human-like words simply and easily while developing Pepper applications, etc.



Simple UI

"Pepatto" is made with a UI that can be understood visually.
You can easily input "talking speed (rspd)," "voice pitch (vct)," and "pause between words (pau)," which are necessary for language with human characteristics, using a slide bar, and make Pepper talk.



Word Memory Function

You can have it memorize created words.
Where frequently used language and richly expressive language is created etc., you can have such language repeated by storing it in the memory.


Presentation of Apps

The Pepper remote control app "Pepatto" is distributed free so that everyone can use it.
Those who want to use the app can download it from the following site.


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