The basic premise of the planning phase is to form plans that will enable you to achieve your targets. This phase starts with analyzing competitors as well as user needs and offering service orientation.

For clients who have already established their orientation and plans, we present functionalities to be developed as well as user interfaces and designs for viewers, according to the budget.
We also present maintenance and operation principles to follow after starting services, considering your vision of your future.

Are you facing any of the following situations?

Concerns about analysis
Are you concerned if your current strategy is based on a sound analysis of target users, competitive services and your own services?
Concerns about management
Are you concerned if you can fully organize the companies involved in building your services, including system developers, design builders and ad agencies?
Concerns about determining requirements
Are you concerned if the current planned requirements for your company will lead to building-up to your intended system or releasing your intended services?
Concerns about operation and improvement
Are you concerned if you can operate the system properly and concrete and effective measures can be devised for improvement during operation?

Let us help you to properly operate the system and devise effective measures for improving it during operations.

We can clear up your concerns. This very strength differentiates us from our competitors. We can free our clients from their concerns before starting the development of the system we are asked to create.
After releasing a client's service, we always remember that the first priority is achieving the client's goals. To do this, we offer maintenance, measures for improving the service and even renewal of the service.

Analysis support

Based on a 3C analysis (Customer, Company and Competitor), we obtain knowledge on the market and target user needs. Then we seek to find how the competitor meets the market and target user needs so that we can identify the factors that will make our client successful in the service. Before launching an analysis, we also clarify its purposes and goals.
We report the results of such analyses to improve the success rate in executing the solutions we offer.


Market and client analysis

We work to understand the trends and size of the target market for the services our clients are offering as well as the needs of new and repeat clients in the customer transaction market.


Competitor analysis

By using effective tools or benchmark analyses of services, we find out how competitor services address the market trends and client needs.


Headwaters analysis

Based on the market, target user needs and competitor analysis results, we identify the uniqueness of our company's service and the points for differentiating our service from the competitor's. This enables us to understand how to advertise the service to be put on the market.

Support in setting requirements

Based on your demands and the goals for your service, which we ask about in the planning phase, and also on the results of the analyses described above, we provide the following support when setting requirements:


Present creative elements

We offer content and services that match clients' real-time needs, and provide a list of functionalities and screens through which to realize the content and services.
We also present designs that are conscious of the target client.


Present ads and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

We offer (i) marketing methods tailored to market needs and (ii) a conversion rate to be achieved in the market.


Offer a server

We offer basic solutions that will help you to operate the system safely and which can address the redundancy that results from future service expansion.

Project management

Uniform management Drastically reduces time and labor required to build organizational relationships with individual companies and coordinate

Multiple companies are very commonly involved in service launches or renewals.
It requires a wide range of knowledge and much time for clients to try to build organizational relationships with individual companies and understand the contents of the offers and work of each company. This also becomes a burden on regular duties.
To free yourself from this burden, you can appoint our project manager to be the hub for helping your organization to focus on regular business operations. Our project manager can collect and summarize information, handling the complicated work required to hold meetings and coordinate with each company.


Operation & improvementSupport for management and improvement

PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle Operation and maintenance enabling the PDCA cycle to be repeated for continuous improvement

Releasing a system is the start of a new service, from which the system operation and management phase starts.
Our maintenance and operation service monitors the user's system and watches user reactions. When necessary, our service helps the user to manage change or solve problems methodically and rigorously.
The success of our work to achieve the goals of a business or organization hinges crucially on our ability to repeatedly implement the PDCA cycle.


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