Terms & Policies User Policy and Social Media Policy

User Policy

The policy (hereunder referred to as "the policy") determines the conditions relating to usage of this web site (hereunder referred to as "the site") provided by Headwaters Co., Ltd. (hereunder referred to as "the company") between the company and customers (hereunder referred to as "the customer") using the site.

Scope of Application

The policy applies to all relationships concerning use of this service between the customer and the company.

Policy Changes

The company, when it deems necessary, can modify the policy at any time without giving prior notice to the customer.
The policy after modification enters into effect upon notification in an appropriate location in the site.


Although the company takes great care in producing and managing all information published on the site, it does not in any way guarantee the accuracy and completeness thereof.
The company may stop or suspend the operation of the site without prior notice, and may change all or part of the information published on the site.
The company does not take any responsibility whatsoever for any damage to the customer as a result of using the site or inability to use the site for whatever reason, and any damage resulting from insertion of data, illegal access, statements, or email transmission by a third party (including trouble occurring between customers and damage suffered by customers due thereto).

Regarding Copyright

The copyright for content on the site is, in principle, the property of the company.
Use of all data etc. published on the site, such as photographs, company name logos, images, text, etc., and including duplication, diversion, reproduction, electromagnetic processing, transmission, distribution, secondary use, and all other similar activities, is strictly forbidden.


The following activities are forbidden when using this web site.

  1. Activities that encroach on the property or privacy etc. of a third party or the company, or might possibly encroach thereon.
  2. Activities that incur a disadvantage or loss to a third party or the company, or might possibly incur the same.
  3. Activities that are contrary to public order and morals, or activities that might possibly be contrary thereto.
  4. Illegal activities, or activities connected thereto, or activities that might lead thereto.
  5. Activities that include false declarations and notifications, such as registering another person's email address etc.
  6. Activities that damage the reputation or trust of a third party or the company.
  7. Activities that use or provide a damaging program such as a computer virus etc., or activities that include that possibility.
  8. Other activities that violate laws, ordinances, or regulations, or might possibly violate the same.
  9. Other activities that the company deems inappropriate.

Suspension of The Site etc.

The company, if any of the following circumstances arise, can stop or suspend provision of all or part of the service without giving prior notice to customers.

  • When providing the site becomes difficult due to an irresistible force such as earthquake, lightning strike, power outage, act of God, etc.
  • When a computer or communication line etc. is stopped due to an accident
  • When providing the site is judged by the company to be problematic for other reasons

Regarding Linked Sites

The company is not in any way responsible for any damages due to the content or usage of a third party web site (hereunder referred to as "linked site") linking to or linked from the site. Links to the site can in principle be freely established, but links may be refused depending on the content (contrary to public order and morals etc.) and linking method of the linked web site, regardless of whether the link has already been established or has yet to be established.

Cooperating Partner Services

The site may include services or content provided by another company in cooperation with the company.
Responsibility for the services or content concerned rests with the company providing the same.
Also, a user policy and/or other conditions determined by the company providing the services or content concerned may be applied to said services or content.

Recommended Environments

When viewing the site, it is recommended that you use the following environments.
In environments other than those recommended, parts of the site may be unusable.
(The site may not be displayed correctly with some combinations of hardware, operating system, and browser.)

Recommended operating systems

Windows 7 and later, OS X 10.8 and later, iOS7 and later, and Android 4.1.2 and later

Recommended browsers

Internet Explorer Version 10 and later, Firefox Version 32 and later, Chrome Version 30 and later, and Safari Version 7 and later

Applicable Laws and Legal Jurisdiction

The text of this policy is in Japanese, and the laws applicable thereto are the laws of Japan.
The court having jurisdiction over the location of the main office of the company will be deemed to have exclusive agreement jurisdiction regarding disputes between the customer and the company arising from or concerning the service.

Social Media Policy

The company will obey this policy upon using social media.

Self-awareness and Responsibility Regarding Transmission of Information and Responses in Social Media

Information is transmitted to social media with the awareness that it is accessible to many unspecified users from all backgrounds and circumstances, and that information once sent cannot be completely deleted.
The company is aware that information transmission and response by each individual company staff member has no small effect in the world, and caution is taken to avoid misunderstandings.

Promotion of Communication by Appropriate Information Sharing

We will not forget to have an attitude of listening closely, and will listen to the voices of our stakeholders. We are aware that strengthening the bonds with our stakeholders through our communication will make a large contribution to the improvement of the company's brand as well as helping to solve the problems of stakeholders.
Through our experience, we will increase the value of our individual staff members, and will share what we have learned widely both inside and outside the company, working to contribute to the growth of many individuals and communities.

Adherence to Laws and Rules Inside and Outside the Company

As well as adhering to the law and policies determined by the company, we will use social media while taking responsibility for our own actions as sensible members of society.

Regarding Use of Social Media

Regarding office use of social media by staff members and personal use, various types of guidelines separate to this policy will be determined.

Advice and Requests to All Customers and Users

All information transmission from staff members of the company in social media does not in any way constitute any official announcements or opinions of the company. Please take note of this in advance.
Official announcements will be transmitted via the company's web site and press releases etc.

Inquiries Regarding Social Media Policy

Please make inquiries regarding social media via the "Inquiries Regarding Business" form.