Mission, Vision

The Basic Mission of Headwaters

Engineers support hi-tech Japanese production.
However, the current situation is that the social status of engineers, who are the pivot, is very low.
Their income is low, and their rate of promotion into management is underestimated.
It has become an unpopular career for students, who view it as not being a worthwhile job.
Our conclusion, in this current situation,
is to "reconstruct the career paths of engineers, and organize reform of the IT industry."
This is not in order to mass produce engineers as workers only for undertaking development.
It is to cultivate and encourage businesses that utilize high level IT knowledge, and to produce a new type of engineer in today's Japan.
This is the basic mission of Headwaters.

Becoming the Center, the Source, of the Industry's Whirlpool

"Headwaters" means the source of the flow, the uppermost stream.
The company name "Headwaters" was chosen based on our intention to overwhelm Japan's IT industry
and revolutionize the industry in the same way that headwaters start from a drop of water and afterwards become a giant flood.
It also shows the stance of each individual engineer, who takes on the uppermost stream of the business.
Taking the uppermost stream of business, having a good command of English, and freely utilizing global connections.
We intend to realize this kind of engineering cadre, whose members will contribute to society as one.

We aim to create Japan's first global IT enterprise.

We will develop our business as a technical group that will not only handle contract work,
but will create IT platforms and services that will be used in global markets, transmitted from Japan;
we can provide new values that will not be confined to the limited Japanese market, but draw the attention of the world.
We want to make it common knowledge that the work of engineers is thoroughly global and exciting.
We want to make the career of engineering a career and industry that young people want to aim for.
We want to make a company in which engineers can live a happy life.
This is the mission of Headwaters.

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