Personnel and organizational support solution enhancing corporate strength

Enhancing corporate strength developing the organization and the growth of people working there.
Assuming that the management principles provide the basic stance for working in a corporation, this solution introduces HRD and management techniques tailored to each employee, which work for solid motivation and organizational power to take root in the workplace.

Five menus for enhancing corporate strength through personnel and organization management Personnel and organizational support solution menu


Spread the management principles in your company.

Have employees absorb the company's management principles; construct an organization whose members are highly-motivated and energetic.


Improved recruitment

We can help your company to become more appealing and enhance your power to recruit people that match your company.


Human resource development

Our instructors offer special lectures and we support strategy formulation and execution that can help enhance your HRD.


Enhanced management

We attach importance to management using an objective cycle and can help you build a management system that is effective in your workplace.


Building an employee performance evaluation system

Help to build a personnel evaluation system that spreads of management principles, effective HRD and enhanced management.

Address your problems

In spite of your goal to spread your management principles in your company,
  • the principles are not yet clearly defined,
  • employees are not that familiar with or loyal to the principles, or
  • management ideas and thoughts are not successfully spread among employees.
In spite of your goal to enhance management,
  • management relies too much on other people,
  • managerial lack of ability or inadequacy has become obvious (they are stuck on deciding how to teach/guide the staff), or
  • organizational system and business strategies do not match.
In spite of your goal to enhance human resource development,
  • no effective HRD system is established, with On the Job Training (OJT) playing the main role for education,
  • too little time is left to spare for education,
  • education is given, but become routine and its effects are unknown, or
  • employees differ in ability and the burden falls the most heavily on the most able.
In spite of your work to improve recruitment,
  • not that many people are applying to work at your company even though you use expensive ads,
  • few people are interested in interviewing after a company information session,
  • you cannot employ the talented people you want, or
  • newly-employed people leave your company due to mismatching.
Rating of employee performance
  • Personnel evaluation system is not established,
  • evaluations are not trusted and the trust in relationships is damaged between the evaluator and the evaluated, or
  • employees seem to have abandoned their will to be promoted.

Headwaters will work actively to meet the following five challenges The personnel issues are resolved making your company more powerful.

Issues to be solved Our support Support program
Making management principles to spread in your company If the principles are not yet defined, we will help you define the principles and create the tools for spreading them among your employees.
  • Consulting for spreading the management principles
  • Support for defining the principles
  • Spreading the principles/having employees absorb the principles
  • Create tools for spreading principles
and more
Support for improving recruitment We help improve procedures such as designing recruitment ads and job interviews in view of marketing. We can also help you enhance your power to recruit the right people.
  • Consulting for improved recruitment
  • Support in building a recruitment website
  • Support in preparing drafts for recruiting media
  • Support in preparing materials for presentation
  • Plan and support company information session
  • Support in screening and creating standards
and more
Support for human resource development We provide a wide range of support, including forming education/training plans based on analyzing current conditions, implementing education and measuring its effects, and improving the plans through repeated implementation of the PDCA cycle.
  • Consulting for HRD
  • Support in forming an HRD plan
  • Support in selecting lecturers
  • Support in holding lectures
  • Support for HRD analysis and improvement
and more
Support for enhanced management We can establish a PDCA cycle for planning, executing, verifying and improving management, so that a business environment is created which ensures long-term corporate growth.
  • Consulting for management
  • Support in forming plans
  • Support in selecting lecturers
  • Support in holding lectures
  • Support for analysis and improvement of advancement
and more
Support in establishing a personnel evaluation system We can plan an evaluation system that is tailored to your management principles and corporate situation, and help introduce the system so that employees will accept it.
  • Consulting for personnel evaluation
  • Support in deciding evaluation items and evaluation criteria
  • Support in establishing a personnel evaluation system
  • Support for analysis and improvement of evaluation situation
and more

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